Noel Nasr is a photographer and the coordinator of the Photography Program at Notre Dame University - Louaizé (NDU) since 2007. Focusing on the power of the photograph and its role in shaping our vision of the world around us, he combines teaching and practice. His work is mostly inspired from his daily life experiences and is often for therapeutic motives.

He graduated with an MA in Photography from the University of Kent, England, in 2006. In 2011 he completed an MFA in Photography at theUniversity of Ulster, Belfast. Both were awarded with distinction. Noel’s recent body of work “out of order” has been nominated for the Prix Pictet 2012. Noel’s work featured in various journals, books and exhibitions. Since 2010, his work is shown at the Salon D’automne of Sursock’s Museum.


Nasr, Noel, 2010. Out of Order. Media Practice, AugustIssue, pp. 157-172.        

Bared, Pierre and Homsy, Raya. 2009. 23 Visions, Beirut.

Nasr, Noel and Zurayk, Afaf, 2010. My Father, Reflections, Beirut: Antoine.

Individual exhibitions

2013   Convergence, Eklekta Gallery, Jisr-El-Wati, Lebanon

2010   My Father. Reflections, Maqam Art Gallery, Saifi Village, Lebanon

2009   Out of Order, Sesto Senso, Sarba, Lebanon

2006   Operation 9, Umam D&R, Beirut, Lebanon

2006   Operation 9, USEK, Kaslik, Lebanon (2006)

Collective exhibitions

2014   Orient Express, Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France

2012   XXXIe Salon D’automne, Nicolas Sursock Museum, Beirut Exhibition Center, Lebanon

2011   MFA Photography Show, Belfast, Northern Ireland

2010   XXXe Salon D’automne, Nicolas Sursock Museum, Beirut Exhibition Center, Lebanon

2010   International Art Exhibition, Dome City Center, Martyr Square, Beirut, Lebanon

2009   23 Visions, Dome City Center, Martyr Square, Beirut, Lebanon

2006   MA photography show, KIAD, Rochester, England

2003   Icograda Educational Symposium, Nagoya, Japan

2001   My Troubled Waters, USEK, Kaslik, Lebanon

1999   Intimacy, Starco, Beirut, Lebanon

1996   Intimacy, Entretemps Gallery, Lebanon

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